Monday, May 17, 2010

Back Home With Decisions to Make

We had a great trip and the workshop went well. More on all that later.

We have a new issue to deal with which is consuming my brain right now.

We are seriously considering moving downstairs to the first floor apartment in our building.  We've lived in the building for ten years, so we are very much ensconced in our space. So moving, even downstairs, is going to be a big task. But the opportunity to both continue with reasonable rent and to live on the first floor is very attractive, not to mention getting squatters rights on the yard and possibly use of the garage. And I think my knee will thank me very much for being spared going up and down two flights of stairs every day.

The apartment needs a fair amount of work, plus painting and cleaning throughout. I'm approaching this as a reno-for-renters opportunity as we try to pick and choose what we are actually willing and able to do and how much we can really afford to spend on property we don't own to make it acceptable for us. So we will be working with the landlord as to how we will handle it all.  At the same time I am also wondering if all the work required will really be worth it in the long run. Accomplishing it all definitely feel a little daunting.

I'm not putting any pics here, because it's technically not really my apartment yet. But if we do this, I will try to post some pics of the ongoing process.

After speaking with the owner, it definitely looks like we are all in agreement and we are going to proceed.

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