Sunday, February 28, 2010


Reports of a successful vintage bazaar are already herehere  and here,  and I have little else to add. Thanks for a great job, Katherine and Libby. I was most impressed that the internet buzz could induce an estimated 3000 people to show up and wait in line for a 5 hour event which featured vintage goods and clothing. You'd have thought it was a rock concert or something.

This after photo of my booth pretty much tells the story. We sold a good bit of the stuff we brought, including three chairs, a large wooden airplane, and a child's chair, so we were quite happy. 

The trouble with busting your butt preparing for something like this, and throwing your whole self into it, is that when it is over you tend to feel a little lost and at loose ends. And, of course I was so exhausted all day, that I could barely move, so that hasn't helped either. A friend of mine calls this syndrome PPD, Post Project Depression. Aptly named, I think.

I do predict, however, that tomorrow I will probably be leaping wholeheartedly into the next ring in our circus!
The door to our studio.

Friday, February 26, 2010

vintage bazaar set up

Set up today for the vintage bazaar. Load in was a piece of cake. Of course it didn't hurt anything that we were the first people scheduled to unload.
Set up for the vintge bazarr

I brought variety of stuff.  Some with collectible value, some just useful items, and  some funky oddball items which might appeal to the artist types. All priced to sell! Hard to say what will go really. I'll find out tomorrow.

I'd never met Katherine Raz or Libby Alexander before, I only knew of them from their blogs. And now that I have, I can't say enough good things about them. On top of being really on the ball with regard to managing this show and publicizing it, they are  really very nice people. As is Katherine's husband. If you are interested in vintage in Chicago and like blogs you really should check them out. You'll find good, solid info about how and where to shop to find good thrift and vintage items in the Chicago area for sure.

Better yet, come to the show tomorrow and meet them yourself.  In addition to the vendors of stuff, vintage and otherwise, there will be music, a cash bar, tamales, and cupcakes. The vintage bazaar, 12 - 5, 4740 N. Western.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the vintage bazaar

Still sorting, pricing, packing...

Spent most of the week getting ready for the vintage bazaar coming up this Saturday, Feb 27, form 12 - 5pm at the DANK Haus in Lincoln Square, 4740 N. Western Avenue.

Katherine Raz of and Libby Alexander of have really done a wonderful job getting this all together. 

Around 40 midwestern vendors will offer lots of reasonably priced vintage collectibles and antiques, d├ęcor, furniture, clothing, and accessories. The full list of vendors is here.

This is the first sale of this kind for me, and my items are very reasonably priced. I have lots of smalls, and a lot of jewelry, along with a few larger items. As much as I  want to be selling my stuff,  I also am looking forward to the opportunity to do a little shopping as well. After all, what do I do when I get rid of a lot of stuff? Replace it with more. Our motto is, “ Too much is not enough!”

Hope to see you there!