Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Collections 1: Multiples

I'm gathering together a series of photos documenting various collections. Some we own and some I happen across in daily life.

First, a group of some bench pins saved over the last 20 years. Some were mine and some were those of the various people who worked for me over the years when I had employees. What prompted this collection was that one day I noticed that while we were all making basically the same items, each of us left a different "hand print" on our individual pins. They hang together over the door of the studio. I love them and I will never part with them.  Multiples of the most mundane things can be wonderful.

Since we started with the jewelry theme I'll include a photo of the gas tanks in the lot of the gas supply company. Not a collection I live with, but a collection I came across in everyday life when we went to pick up a new acetylene tank the other day.

I'll guess I'll end up with a collection of photos of collections when I get done with this.

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