Sunday, March 28, 2010

Start Your Own Collection: Leave The Driving to Us

While curating my collections around the studio, I happened upon a couple of Greyhound bus collectibles. Curiosity made me do a search in vintage items on Etsy just to see what other types of Greyhound items might be available. In addition to mine,  I offer a couple of links to listings by other Etsy sellers, so you can jump start your own Greyhound Bus memorabilia collection.

Of course, you are going to start with my items.


Then you can add this great bus-meets-grasshopper-head-on vintage card from  Etsy seller, PostsfromthePast. Wish they had a better photo, but it's very kitchy in a good way.

Or,  kickoff your collection with this vintage Greyhound Bus ad from Etsy seller, thebabykitties

Or go the serious route with this copy of a vintage Farm security Administration photo from Etsy seller, HistoryPrintShop.

Now that I've done the driving for you, see how easy it is to start a collection?

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