Sunday, March 21, 2010

Collections 3: Accidental Frogs and Stars

Looking around the studio the other day, I noticed that we have several totally unintentional or accidental small collections. How do they happen?

These metal flower frogs and many others have been around for a while. Although they were actually intended to be a collection, I was never sure how or where I was going to display them. At some point in their life, these four leapt into this perfect little found wooden box and became a tiny collection all on their own. Still, I had never hung them because I couldn't find just the right place for them.

We  just recently acquired the three metal stars. We found two at a house sale a few weeks ago and didn't give too much thought to them at all, planning to sell them right away at the mall. Serendipitously, we happened across another one at a mall a few days later. If we did not already have the two, we would have just passed it up, I'm sure, but, apparently, they occupied a little space in our minds, causing us to zero right in on the third. It was priced so low that we could not resist it. Once you have three, I think you already have a collection. So up they went on the side of one of the studio bookshelves.

 Last week I came across the metal flower frogs again and something about them, either the fact that they were metal or their industrial quality, or maybe both, just told me they would be right at home with the stars. And there they will remain for the time being, complementing each other.

I have a feeling that this could be the beginning of an collection of small industrial metal items.

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