Friday, March 5, 2010

accumulata on etsy

I opened another shop on Etsy a while ago where I could sell some of vintage items,  collectibles, curiosities, including  supplies and various objects which might be of interest to other artists.

We've always been collectors, so I have lots of little stuff  I need to cull out of my collections. And, as an artist, I am also drawn to the collect all sorts of strange objects. I tell myself I will use them in art pieces someday.  But what really happens is that  they end up in drawers with other things, waiting for the moment when they will be released out into the world again.

That moment has come.

St. Patrick's Day good luck charms. You know you need these.

Ten rolls of EKG paper tape. Got to be good for something arty.

I think this little silver sombrero pin is really cute.

Doesn't everyone need a dozen of these chrome mirror reflector cups?

I'll be listing things every day all week so keep checking the shop, I know I have something to fill your needs!

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